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Iberdrola and CDTI invest in the firm Arbórea Intellbird


Iberdrola and the Centre for Technological Development in Industry, a branch of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness have agreed to invest €500,000 in the Salamanca-based firm, Arbórea Intellbird, specialized in unmanned aerial vehicles…

Representatives from Enusa and Arbórea meet to analyse Collaboration Possibilities


Representatives from Enusa Industrias Avanzadas, S.A. and the Salamanca-based firm Arbórea met in the Juzbado factory this morning…



This investment in technology is being made under the auspices of the INNVIERTE scheme. It highlights the commitment of IBERDROLA and the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)

First Aerial Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Course a Success

Many webs reported on this

The students of the First Aerial Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Course, which took place last February in the University of Salamanca’s Research Park…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ starts inspecting Wind Turbines around the World

Agencia Iberoamericana para la difusión de la ciencia y la tecnología

Due to research out of the University of Salamanca, investment, and the efforts of this entrepreneurial company, the ‘aracnocóptero’ has become model of what exactly can be accomplished through knowledge exchange between…

Examples of how to Launch Businesses and Where to Find Support

El Norte de Castilla

The Start-up Programme’s Breakfasts analyse the possibilities and options offered by Castile and León to put into action new entrepreneurial businesses…

Novel and efficient solution for wind turbine blade inspection

November/December 2012

After developing an unmanned aerial vehicle named the ‘aracnocóptero’, the Arbórea firm has adapted the device to the needs of wind energy companies for wind turbine blade inspection. The device, made of titanium and carbon, is so easy to use that it only takes…

The Salamanca-based company, Arbórea, designs a remotely-controlled aircraft with some of the most unique advantages in the world

October, 2012
Castilla y León Económica

Barely a week after the Salamanca-based company, Arbórea, released an announcement of the upcoming launch of the aracnocóptero, a multi-rotor…

The Aracnocóptero, Built for Wind Turbine Inspection, at the Most Important Wind Energy Conference

Wind and Electric Vehicle Magazine

Environmentally responsible businesses like terrestrial and maritime wind farms are very interested in the aircraft designed in Salamanca…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ Conquers the Sky

Muy interesante Magazine

After years of work, investigators at the University of Salamanca and the company Arbórea have developed the ‘aracnocóptero’, a device in the shape of a spider that allows for unpiloted flight; it is equipped with cameras and sensors…

Pirates Intercepted Before Attacking

El Mundo

Its appearance, in person, is intimidating and does justice to its name: the aracnocóptero. The toughness of a spider that could fly, whose webs extend over the sea. Its objective: prevent pirate boarding, which can unfold at a dizzying speed…