Germicidal Systems against COVID-19

Innovative germicidal solutions to disinfect spaces and emergency supplies

UVC radiation and ozone alter the genetic material and structures of microorganisms, disabling them. This includes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and even fungal spores. To facilitate a fast and low-cost germicidal procedure in risk areas such as common areas of nursing homes, hospitals, supermarkets, barracks, etc., Arbórea is building mobile germicidal systems from household cleaning robots accessible on the market, transforming them in disinfectation systems based on the combination of UVC and Ozone. The generated ozone degrades back to its stable oxygen state after approximately one hour, after fulfilling its germicidal function.


  • The slow, redundant and continuous action of robots approaching all surfaces and releasing ozone, facilitate dry germicidal action.
  • They can be scheduled for night work once the risk areas are empty of people for security.
  • The robots move intelligently, covering the assigned areas with great autonomy and returning to the recharging point. They can be managed remotely via Wifi.


  • In case of requiring germicidal action on instruments, equipment or PPE’s as an emergency means, it is possible to use the lamps manufactured by Arbórea in a watertight container in which the instruments are deposited, being subjected to a powerful dry germicidal action.
  • A safe cycle of one hour of lamp action allows germicidal action and another one hour of rest allows ozone degradation.

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