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The embassy of the United Arab Emirates visit the Science Park

may 8, 2015

Subsequently, in order to boost trade relations in the future, the retinue move to the Science Park of the University of Salamanca and visited Arbórea a company that design and manufacture Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems under Aracnocoptero trade mark…

Cooperation agreement Arbórea-Caja Rural

15 of December 2014
Caja Rural

Caja Rural de Salamanca and Salamanca company Arborea Intellbird S.L. Developer of the system remotely manned Aracnocóptero, signed an agreement to apply this disruptive technology to improve the agriculture system in our region…

BOE: Collaboration between the University of Salamanca and the Air force in UAV operator training


Today a specific covenant of collaboration has been published in the BOE (Official State Bulletin) between the Ministry of Defence…

Arbórea and Graphenea: First Investments made within the INNVIERTE program’s framework

Perspectiva CDTI

Arbórea and Graphenea are the first co-investments that have been made in technological companies related to energy and environment within the Innvierte program and have been led by Iberdrola and Repsol, respectively…

Iberdrola puts to the Test an Unmanned Helicopter for Wind Turbine Inspection

El Mundo

The aracnocóptero ‘Eol6’ will save inspection time and money/Investments from Arbórea, the Ministry, and the Electric Company…

Demonstration on the Aracnocóptero’s Wind Turbine Inspection Abilities

Agencia Iberoamericana para la difusión de la ciencia y la tecnología

Today, in the Salamanca-based Sierra Dueña Wind Park, the companies Iberdrola and Arbórea have presented its Aracnocóptero Eol6…

A Drone that will save Time and Costs in Wind Turbine Inspection

El Norte de Castilla

Iberdrola and Arbórea spearhead a project which can detect damages of just millimetres…

An Aerial Inspector

El Diario de León

An Iberdrola wind park serves as the test grounds for an aircraft created by a Salamanca-based firm that saves costs and reduces the time required to inspect wind turbines…

Iberdrola will carry out a Flight Demonstration of Aracnocóptero

Tribuna de Salamanca

IBERDROLA, along with the Salamanca-based company Arbórea Intellbird, S.L, has prepared a flight demonstration of the Aracnocóptero Eol6 in the Sierra Dueña Wind Park, property of Iberdrola, for the 8th of April…

Wind and Renewable Energy: New Paradigm in Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Wind and Electric Vehicle Magazine

These enormous wind turbine blades are structures that are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Storms, particles carried by the wind, temperature changes…

The “aracnocóptero”, made for wind turbine revision, lands in Barcelona

Inversión y Finanzas

The Salamanca-based firm Arbórea has demonstrated today in the EWEA’s Wind Energy Congress the operation of the so-called, “aracnocópteros”, unmanned aerial vehicles that are used in wind turbine revision…

Aracnocoptero and renewable energy


Its cameras and software—created ad hoc—make possible the efficient analysis of turbine repair needs and the reduction of the downtime necessary in order to make the repairs…

Spanish military pilots begin training with Arbórea Intellbird’s Aracnocóptero


Initiating collaboration between several different entities, the University of Salamanca and the Spanish Air Force signed an agreement directed specifically to enhance training with and education of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). This collaboration incorporates the firm Arbórea Intellbird…


Iberdrola Innovation Report 2011-2013

Iberdrola is conscious of the importance of innovation in order to continue developing industrial products at the forefront of the sector. The efforts in R+D+i are aimed at optimizing operating conditions, improving safety…

Aracnocóptero, the Android that’s Revolutionising the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle World

Libre Startups

Today in LibreStartups, I bring you all something really special. I don’t normally write everything I’d like and when I do, I always manage to add something different from what you see on Twitter…

Visit from Japanese University Chancellors to Arbórea Intellbird, to meet the Aracnocóptero

Press Department

A group of Chancellors from several different Japanese Universities visited the Arbórea Intellbird firm to see, first hand, a flight demonstration…