• concept

    The Aracnocóptero is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) with vertical take-off and landing capabilities that can accommodate a wide range of electronic assessment equipment: from high definition cameras to sensors for various civil and military purposes. Based on the tenets of user-friendliness, resilience, versatility, and affordability, it was conceived for small businesses with technical needs in mind.
  • design

    Its flight mode employs an automatic self-stabilisation system which allows the pilot the freedom to fly without having to worry about maintaining the height or position of the vehicle or compensating for wind or turbulence. Designed for daily use and accessible to technicians with no previous RPAS handling training, our aircraft could translate into significant cost savings, which in turn, could allow for expansion of services.
  • efficiency

    The Aracnocóptero doesn’t require special logistical maintenance and can be easily transported in a hard suitcase in the boot of a car. Our client services provide all the necessary support and materials for a worry-free and efficient daily use.The Aracnocóptero is a new generation RPAS that doesn't require complex logistical planning, a small addition to your company’s services that can be transported in the boot of your vehicle.